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“If Nothing We Do Matters, Then All That Matters Is What We Do."

In the Buffy Museum Fan Experience the two model makers show off  the Buffy Bot and parts they designed ad created
Photo of attendees and Camden Toy during a Fan Experience in 2019
Two volunteer gals meet the public, with buttons, books, and shirts set up at Fandom Charities' WonderCon 2023 booth.

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It takes a small army to run a charity.

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On a more serious note, Fandom Charities and its events are a labor of love and hard work from a band of like-minded volunteers.  We are 100% run by volunteers whose passion and drive to make great experiences for the fan attendees and guests while raising funds to fix the (local) world is their greatest reward. We’re always looking for more people of all ages and locations to join us to make fan events a experience great for all. 

If you’re open to lending us a hand, please click the button below and fill out the form the best you can.  A member of our recruitment team will follow up with you. If you don’t know where you could fit, we’ll find something that plays to your strengths.


Here is a list of some of our departments and what each one does.  To join in the fun of being on our Team, come fill out our team application by clicking on the “Join Us” button on this page.  You don't need to be local for some projects so don't let your location turn you away.

This list is frequently updated as different department need people at different times throughout the year.  If you don't see a department that interests you, let us know as we may call it something else, or we can consider adding it.

Not sure where you would like to help? We’ll help you find your spot!

Accessibility Services

We help cover all of our attendees’ accessible needs while they are at the convention. Be it a spot to sit while in line, a reserved spot close to the stage, or anything else to help accommodate your needs, we are the ones who can help make it happen. For more info and to find out how to request assistance, please check come check out more of our info on our Accessibility Services page.

Candid Photographers & Videographers

Travel throughout the public areas of the convention, taking photos and/or video clips for our social media and publicity departments to be able to use throughout the year. Previous experience is a must.

Convention Operations aka ConOps

Sometimes, we all get a bit wild and party a little too hard. Convention Operations is there to help keep an eye on things, and make sure nothing gets out of hand. If there is a line that needs to be controlled, a lost child that needs to be reunited, or a situations that needs to be deescalated, Con Ops is the group to turn to.


Hospitality is the foodie arm of the convention. The help prep small food items for use by our team members and guests. They also help with other small catering needs around the convention.

Information Desk

The Information Desk is the real-life, one stop Google of the convention. They know where everything is, when everything is happening, and can answer any other convention questions that might come up.

Marketing & Publicity

Helps with promoting outreach events as well as the convention itself

Press Relations

Bloggers, Vloggers, and other press want to cover our convention. This department will interface with them, and make sure they have everything they need at the convention to promote us.

Registration / Will Call

This department is responsible for on-site sales on badges, distributing pre-purchased badges, and making sure any wristbands needed by attendees are distributed to the right person or place.

Team Resources

These folks are responsible for making sure all volunteer applications are processed before the convention, as well as making sure anyone who comes up at the event wanting to volunteer is helped.

Vendor Hall

Assist with the soliciting of vendors prior, and setting up at the Sunnydale Mall; During the convention, providing assistance to vendors and attendees; assist with the running of the Fandom Charities table at the con.

Autograph Alley & Photo Studio

Help our attendees create lasting memories by being part of our Autographs & Photographs department. This group will help sell autographs and photo sessions with guests, as well as help keep traffic moving through the area.

Charity Auction

Are you a chrismatic individual who can motivate people into a bidding frenzy? Then this is the spot for you. Each year we have hundredes of items donated to help raise money for Fandom Charities as well as our selected charities. You will be in charge of making sure the items are presentable, maintain records of who bought what, and help collect payment for the items.

Fan Experiences

This team works throughout the year to provide once in a lifetime immersive and interactive experiences for our attendees and invited talent, both at the convention at other events we run.

Hotel Liaison

Assists with the negotiation of our contract with the hotel. Responsible for knowing all aspects of the contract. Manages the booking of room for staff and talent. Will be the primary point of contact during the event between the con staff and the hotel.


Manages the load in and load out of all convention equipment at the venue. Will be needed a day before the convention, as well as possibly the day after.

Operations Support

These are the gophers and assistants for the Operations Division. Main roles including keeping the Operations Office organized, as well as assisting any Operations staffers with food/water delivers from Hospitality as well as bathroom breaks if they are stuck in a position that requires them to be in one place for the duration of their shift

Programming Operations

This is the group that hangs out in the panel room, making sure they start/end on time, and helping the panelists stay hydrated.

Social Media

Maintain all of our social media platform, as well as posting/keeping the information on them updated. Work alongside Marketing/Publicity dept. 

Technology Resources

Sets up and maintains all of the audio/visual needs for our panels and events. Relevant experience is preferred, but all are welcome to learn on the job.

Website/IT Management

Helps maintain all of our non-social media technology platforms, including and Note: This is a year round position, with 99%+ of your work happening while not at the convention.

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