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“If Nothing We Do Matters, Then All That Matters Is What We Do."

In the Buffy Museum Fan Experience the two model makers show off  the Buffy Bot and parts they designed ad created
Photo of attendees and Camden Toy during a Fan Experience in 2019
Two volunteer gals meet the public, with buttons, books, and shirts set up at Fandom Charities' WonderCon 2023 booth.

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It takes a small army to run a charity.

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On a more serious note, Fandom Charities and its events are a labor of love and hard work from a band of like-minded volunteers.  We are 100% run by volunteers whose passion and drive to make great experiences for the fan attendees and guests while raising funds to fix the (local) world is their greatest reward. We’re always looking for more people of all ages and locations to join us to make fan events a experience great for all. 

If you’re open to lending us a hand, please fill out the form below.  A member of our recruitment team will follow up with you. If you don’t know where you could fit, we’ll find something that plays to your strengths.

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