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Our return to in-person celebrations, The Hellmouth Convention in June 2022

The Hellmouth Con Happening 2022

Our return to in-person celebrations, The Hellmouth Convention (June 3-5, 2022), is a weekend adventure with a twofold mission: We aim to bridge the gap between beloved works and fans by connecting talented individuals with those who admire them while harnessing the power of fandom to raise funds for worthwhile 501c3 organizations.

We will again offer Q&As, panels, cosplay contests, behind-the-scenes explorations, and frank discussions about current events and how they relate to our favorite fictions. In 2022, we will continue our longstanding tradition of providing intimate in-person fan experiences and offering opportunities for meetings between talent and attendees. Proceeds from The Hellmouth Convention will go to two organizations with a proven record of providing care for our local community:

  1. The Los Angeles LGBT Center has led the fight to protect vulnerable members of the LGBT+ community by providing programs for housing, medical care, advocacy, community, and educations since 1969.

  2. The Al Wooten Jr. Youth Center creates a safe and nurturing environment within a community in crisis by providing free after-school and low-cost summer programs for children in grades 3-12. Funds raised will go directly to the Center’s Ron Glass Memorial Scholarship.

For the past fourteen years our organization has created opportunities for fans to appreciate and learn from our talented Guests while providing a chance for these honored actors, writers, and behind-the-scenes crew to discover the many ways in which their work has changed, affected, and influenced lives. A list of past events are here


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