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Guest Alert: David Greenwalt Co-Creator of Angel and Co-Producer of Buffy

David Greenwalt, Co-Creator of Angel/Co-Producer of Buffy.
David Greenwalt, Co-Creator of Angel/Co-Producer of Buffy

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that DAVID GREENWALT will be joining fan faves JULIET LANDAU and JULIE BENZ at this year’s HELLMOUTHCON ON THE HELLMOUTH on June 15.

David was the co-creator, executive producer, consulting producer, and showrunner of ANGEL as well as executive producer, co-executive producer, and consulting producer across 6 seasons of BUFFY.

David penned Buffy classics “Teacher’s Pet,” “Angel,” “Reptile Boy,” “Ted,” “Faith, Hope & Trick,” and “Homecoming” while crafting the stories for “Nightmares” and “School Hard.”

He also directed “Reptile Boy,” “Bad Eggs,” “Homecoming” and “The Wish from BUFFY’s early seasons as well as “She,” “To Shanshu in LA,” “Dear Boy,” “There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb,” “Heartthrob,” “Tomorrow,” and “The Girl in Question” from ANGEL.

Outside of the Buffyverse, he has developed an impressive résumé writing for film and television since the start of his career in 1982. Genre fans may also know him as the creator of NBC series GRIMM (2011).

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