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Announcing Beauty And The Beast

Jeri Baker did the 90's proud by shaping the stylings of Buffy and the Scoobies as Hair Department Head for the entire first season, including the unaired pilot. She continued to shape the world of Sunnydale as a Hair Stylist for the series' entire iconic and redefining second season. Jeri's work on Buffy earned her an Emmy nomination for "Outstanding Hairstyling for a Series" in 1998.

David DeLeon served as a makeup artist on ANGEL for its entire second season and went on to head the makeup department for two episodes of DOLLHOUSE, including its famous unaired pilot, "Echo," scenes from which were spliced into the series' first 6 aired episodes.Since 2007, David has been the personal makeup artist to our favorite Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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