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Mutant Enemy
Joss Whedon’s production company created in 1997 to produce Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Other TV series produced include Angel, FireflyDollhouse, Agents of SHIELD, and now The Nevers on HBO.  Grr. Argh.

Geek & Sundry
An internet community centered around web videos with shows about comics, games, books, hobbies and more. Founded by the producers of the hit web series The Guild, Geek & Sundry offers a diverse lineup of shows that create a hub for fans of comedy, gaming, comics, music, and literature around the world. Spearheaded by prominent geek figureheads, the network features original content by Felicia Day (The Guild, Dr. Horrible) and Wil Wheaton (Star Trek,  The Big Bang Theory).

The Real Estate Slayer – Slaying Your Homeownership Demons Since 1989
Marsia & Eugene
The Powers Team, Broker & Realtors ®
Pinnacle Estate Properties
DRE # 01052375 & DRE # 01096473

Studio 15 Salon
Hair Salon in Los Angeles and Studio City, CA

Wear your geek pride on your sleeve.  And your bag.

Creation Entertainment
Hosts of several science fiction/fantasy conventions around the USA

An annual Halloween horror convention in Los Angeles

Media Sponsors

Fanbase Press
An outlet for up-and-coming artists and writers with a desire to create new works and media.  By facilitating in-house collaborations and providing support and empowerment, FBC hopes to enable the production of professional and marketable creator-owned works.

Krypton RadioSciFi For Your WiFi
Listen to adventure movie and TV soundtracks, new talent from the world of science fiction fandom, comic books, anime, original programming, news on internet culture, radio serials and all the weird cool stuff you could never find all in one internet radio station – until now!


SlayerLit celebrates the literary offshoots of Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer plus highlighting similar literary works as well, all in the effort to bring the fantasy literature community closer together. So join us here as we commemorate the books, the authors, and the readers as well! And remember… Buffy Lives… in Books!